Dogs to get Pensions

This week the team here at Prestige Tax and Trust Services wanted to bring you a heart-warming post about two of our favourite things: pensions and dogs! We were very pleased to see in the news that former police dogs in Nottinghamshire are to be given their own “pensions” in recognition for their diligence during their careers.

Dogs working within crime prevention units are provided with medical care for illness and injury arising from their work, though until now, this provision has ended at the same time as their service. Now, however, each dog from the Nottinghamshire force will receive up to £500 a year for the first 3 years after they leave service.

Retired police dogs generally tend to stay with their police handler when they retire as they’re deemed unsuitable for rehoming. This news comes after a number of high profile cases in which police dogs have proven their worth in the line of duty, including that of Rossi, an 8ft German shepherd who protected his handler from an axe-wielding drunk in May this year. Rossi have been with his handler since he was a puppy and is expected to retire soon.

Between this year and 2015/16 9 dogs from the force are expected to retire. This is the first scheme in the UK to make sure these hard working hounds get any medical care they might require in their old age. It was approved by Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping and will come into effect next month.

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