Forward Planning: Funerals

When someone dies, it’s always difficult. Things can become complicated if more than one party is left behind to take care of funeral plans and estate division arrangements. Even families who are very close may have different ideas about the best way to move forward following a death. Here at Prestige Tax and Trust Services we’d like to offer some advice for this eventuality.

Usually arguments surrounding the deceased’s funeral rarely come to more than a heated discussion before a compromise is reached. In some cases it is more difficult though, especially if there are many parties involved; for example children from different marriages or estranged siblings. As ever, we want to advocate forward planning.

Morbid as it may seem, if you want to make your posthumous wishes clear, then you need to think about these things while you’re still alive and able to. Your family and friends will appreciate not having to deal with the stress of making what can be heart-breaking decisions while their grief is so fresh.

Planning will ease the burden for your loved ones and will ensure your exact wishes are carried out. You can set aside funds in your will so there are no financial worries either. You don’t have to be terminally ill to plan ahead, and young people shouldn’t assume forward planning is for the elderly. For everyone, knowing that your affairs are in order will give you peace of mind.

If you already have a will and estate plan in place, it’s wise to review it around every five years. This way you can keep it up to date in line with any major events in your life such as births, marriages and divorces. At Prestige Tax and Trust Services, we are agents for Golden Charter Funeral Plans, the UK’s largest independent funeral planners, so we’d be happy to provide you with more information, should you need it. Visit our website for more information. You can also follow us on Twitter for regular updates. 

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