Prestige Tax and Trust Services: Tess Daly attacks Inheritance Tax

Prestige Tax and Trust Services read an article today in which glamorous TV presenter Tess Daly launched a public attack on inheritance tax. She stated that the business of inheritance tax is a great insult to workers who have tried and given back to the system throughout their lives.Tess_Daly

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter railed against the tax, saying that it wasn’t fair to have to continue paying taxes even after you die. The comments were made during an interview the mum-of-two was involved in this weekend. She said that if she could make one law, it would be to change the inheritance tax process.

She feels that the tax is “disgraceful”, exclaiming that the government enforce a three-way tax on the earnings of their citizens. This is true of course, with taxes paid on earnings, stamp duty paid after the purchase of property and then a 40% death duty when you pass away.

Ms Daly also remarked that while she does not consider herself particularly political, there are certain things that she feels inclined to speak out on. Clearly inheritance tax is an issue for the TV presenter, who came from a family of working-class Northerners. Growing up, her family had very little to spare, but she is pleased that her parents instilled her and her younger sister with a set of strong morals and a good work ethic.

Inheritance Tax is indeed a major issue for many people following the death of a loved one. If you need more information on what the process entails, click here. With enough forward planning, you can protect your assets from inheritance tax and ensure that your loved ones receive everything that you leave behind. Here at Prestige Tax and Trust Services, we can help you to plan for the future and arrange everything before it’s too late. For more information, visit our website.

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