Prestige Announces Launch of Business Protection Service

This week, Prestige Tax and Trust Services would like to take the opportunity to announce the launch of its new will service for businesses and business owners.

A Will is Vital for Businesses and Business Owners

Everyone knows how important it is to make a will. Only through doing so can you protect your assets and ensure that they are passed down to your loved ones when you pass away. Yet this is especially vital to businesses and business owners.

If a company director passes away, and there is no last will and testament in place, Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders are often confronted with serious consequences, because what happens to the businesses assets has not been made legally clear. This can lead to having to sell the company for a minimal amount, disbanding the business partnership or even disbanding the business altogether.

The Business Protection Service

That is why it is vital that any business invest in the skills of an expert to write up their will. An expert has the necessary knowledge of legal issues needed, to ensure that when a director passes away, the business is protected from these consequences.

There is no more effective legal expert than Prestige Tax and Trust Services; a company of administrators, estate planners and will writers, which is home to a legal department with over three decades of experience. Utilise that experience with Prestige’s new Business Protection Service

The Business Protection Service prioritises the importance of a correctly constructed will. Therefore it ensures that your lifetime’s worth of work is not taken away from those you wish it to benefit, by unfortunate circumstances, through making sure your wishes for the business are expressly communicated in your will, as well as protected through compliance with all necessary legal standards.

Prestige Aims to Protect Business Owners from Unexpected Events

On the launch, Prestige’s Adele Frith took the time to explain the Business Protection Service in more depth. Adele said that: “We have been supplying much needed protection to the general public for some time now, but we have realised that many business owners do not protect themselves for unexpected events.

“Whether the business is a Sole Trader, Partnership or Public Limited Company, there are many pitfalls and obstacles which need to be overcome. All of this hard work is usually overlooked, by not arranging suitable protection in the form of a properly worded Will.

“It is of the utmost importance for the Owners/Directors to make sure that their ultimate aims for the business, and protection for their families and loved ones are fully taken care of. Writing a will for a business owner is a job for an experienced specialist. Our Legal Department have over 30 years’ experience in this field, and we’re more than happy to offer this speciality.”

Prestige Are Proud to Announce the Launch of the Business Protection Service

And that is why we are proud this week to announce the launch of the Business Protection Service. With this new service, Prestige Tax and Trust Services can act to ensure that your business is protected through the use of legal expertise, should the worst happen.

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