How to Apply for Grant of Probate

After discussing grant of probate in a previous post, we decided to go one step further this week here on the Prestige Tax and Trust Services blog and explain how to apply for grant of probate.

How Do You Receive the Right Administer the Estate of the Deceased?

According to UK law, if you want to receive the right to deal with someone’s estate once they’ve passed away, you need to apply for a grant of probate.

In order to be eligible to make this application, you need to be the personal representative (PR) of the deceased. If they have a will, the process of determining who is to be the deceased’s PR is easy. They will have named them in the will. If they don’t have a will, the Rules of Intestacy will be used to determine who has the right to act as the deceased’s PR. Usually the next of kin.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Grant of Probate

If you qualify as the PR of the person who has passed away, you’ll need to know how to apply for grant of probate to ensure you can carry out your duty. This is a four step process…

  • Fill Out a Probate Application Form: The first step is to fill out the actual form you need to assure you receive a grant of probate. This is the grant of probate form PA1.
  • Fill Out an Inheritance Tax Form: Depending on the estate’s value, there may be inheritance tax to pay, so next you need to work out the inheritance tax. Record this down by filling out an Inheritance Tax Form.
  • Send All Necessary Forms: Now you need to send these forms to your local probate registry. Along with these forms you need to send the application fee of £215 (unless the estate is worth under £5,000), an official copy of the deceased’s death certificate and the original will and 3 copies, along with any codicils (additions or amendments to it).
  • Swear an Oath: The last step is to swear an oath to promise that to the best of your knowledge, the information you’ve given is true. Your local probate office will send you the oath along with details of how to make an appointment to make it at either your local probate office or the office of a commissioner for oaths (often a solicitor).

Prestige Tax and Trust Services

Grant of probate can often be a very intricate area of law. As such, you might want to let Prestige Tax and Trust Services help you apply for a grant of probate. Our probate team have the expertise needed to act on your behalf to ensure you can apply for grant of probate.

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