How Many Legal Guardians Can a Child Have?

If you have a child, and they are aged under 18, it is critical that you name a legal guardian for them, so if you die unexpectedly, you know they will be cared for. What, however, if you want to name more than one guardian. Is this possible? Here we ask: how many legal guardians can a child have?

Looking after your child

We would strongly advise that if you are a parent, you write a will. This will allow you to ensure your child is financially protected, should you pass away all of the sudden, as you can use your will to ensure they inherit your assets. Also if your child is aged under 18, you can use your will to appoint a legal guardian to look after them should you prove unable to do so, giving you peace of mind as a parent.

What would happen to your child, if you die without a will, meaning there is no legal guardian for them? It would fall to the state to decide who should care for your child until they reach the age of majority, and since they do not know your child like you do, they could make the wrong decision, leaving your child in the care of someone who may not be able to give them the best start in life.

Appointing a guardian

It is easy enough to appoint a guardian in your will, so you can decide who will care for your child if cannot do so, allowing you to ensure they are properly looked after. You should speak to your chosen guardian beforehand, to ensure they are willing to take on the responsibilities of this role, then state this guardian clearly in your will, and follow all the proper procedures to ensure it is legally binding.

You should make sure that you select the right person for this very important job. When choosing your legal guardian, you should obviously look at their relationship with your child, so you know they will love them like their own. You should also select someone however, who has important skill sets – for example they are good with finances, so your child is cared for mentally, physically and financially.

Choosing multiple guardians

Remember that the roles and responsibilities of a legal guardian are many and varied. They need to do everything from overseeing your child’s day-to-day care, to make long-term decisions on their behalf, concerning issues such as their education and health. There may not be one person in your life who can handle all these responsibilities, but you can appoint as many legal guardians as you want.

It is common practise to appoint two legal guardians. This means that not only will there be more people to handle the obligations that come with legal guardianship, but if one passes away before your child turns 18, they will still have a legal guardian. Many people choose to make a couple the legal guardians of their child, so they will have a stable living environment, but the key thing is to choose people your child knows and trusts, so they can live a happy lifestyle without you there.

Prestige Tax and Trust Services

Nobody wants to think that their child will grow up without them.  But it is wise to prepare for the worst, by appointing legal guardians in your will, and hope for the best. Prestige Tax and Trust Services can help you write a will that ensure that if you die suddenly, your child will be safe and loved.

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